Score 18XX for iOS

Score 18XX is an iOS app to score your plays of 18XX board games. You will only need to enter the values of the companies’ shares and the players’ cash and number of shares per company, and Score 18XX will calculate the final score and the winner.

If you don’t know what 18XX board games are, 18XX is the generic term for a series of board games that, with a few exceptions, recreate the building of railroad corporations during the 19th century. (Source: Wikipedia)

Features in version 1.0:

  • Score your plays of 18XX board games.
  • Set up your own 18XX games if they are not listed in the preset games.
  • Scored plays are saved in the History table.
  • Revenue per share calculator.
  • Track company revenue.
  • Share scores via Twitter and email.
  • Games are validated during the scoring, e.g. players cannot own more than 100% of a company.

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Upcoming features and improvements:

  • Settings section to customize the app parameters.
  • Stats: plays by game, top winners, wealthiest companies, etc.
  • Support for other languages (Spanish)
  • Players’ names and Twitter accounts from Contacts.
  • Save sets of players to reuse in future plays.’
  • Play details stored in History.
  • User interface improvements.

For bugs reporting, suggestions or any feedback, please use my contact info:

  • Developed by: David Lara Casas
  • Contact:
  • Follow me on Twitter: @cartesius78
Score 18XX for iOS